Observer (2019)

In a world saturated with digital screens, this installation invites us to consider how we apply our attention. When are we watching and when are we being watched? Are we observers or participants?

At first, Observer appears to be a static image of a woman looking off into the distance -- a photograph in a frame. However, as the viewer lingers in front of the frame (as detected by a hidden sensor), the image slowly and subtly begins to move. The longer a viewer lingers, the more the “photograph” begin to warp and change. Only the patient and observant will experience the full work.

Built with Adobe Premiere Pro, custom Python code, a Raspberry Pi, and an ultrasonic sensor. Filmed in Puako, Hawaii and at San Francisco’s Grandview Park with the help of Alice Yuan Zhang (who is featured in the piece).

Observer at Gray Area
Temporary installation at the Gray Area Theater, November 2019