Very Low Quality JPEGs (2014, 2017)

This series started as a desire to create poster-sized prints of some of my early digital photos (circa 2005). Digital photography was in its infancy at the time, so these images are fairly low resolution. Simply printing them without modification results in visible pixellation at large sizes. Rather than attempt to hide the information lost to the inadequacies of the technology, I decided to emphasize the images’ digital origins.

Sunset Sunset Modified
Highway 5 Sunset, taken on a Sony Ericsson T610 (2004) vs. modified version (2017)

To accomplish this, I used a uniquely digital process — the ubiquitous JPEG compression algorithm — to intentionally discard additional information. (This idea was shamelessly stolen from Neil Freeman.) The resulting images are compressed at the lowest quality that the ImageMagick convert tool would allow, but rendered at very high resolutions. This allows the compression artifacts to generate additional pixels beyond those in the low-resolution source material.

The Bund
The Bund (captured 2006, modified 2014)
Beijing Sky
Beijing Sky (captured 2006, modified 2014)
Matatu in Mityana (captured 2006, modified 2014)
Reflections in the Seine
Reflections in the Seine (captured 2004, modified 2014)
The Campanile
The Campanile (captured 2003, modified 2014)